Soldiers of March Generation Undergo Combat Training

Friday, 5.4.2024 | Training
A stationary camp of soldiers who started their military service in March has taken place at the Serbian Armed Forces’ training grounds in the vicinity of Sombor, Valjevo and Leskovac this week.

This form of field training takes place at the end of the first training phase and is carried out by soldiers of all specialties. The goal is not only to put into action the acquired knowledge and skills in performing basic defensive and offensive tasks, but also for soldiers to adapt to the life and work in field conditions.

During several days of training, soldiers refined combat tactics and procedures, from navigation, observation, camouflage and movement on the battlefield to the selection and creation of cover for action and protection. All scheduled firing activities with infantry weapons were also executed.

Upon returning from the field, the soldiers are to undergo a skills assessment, where their ability to perform basic individual tasks will be checked, and then they will be transferred to specialist training centers, where they will be trained in the use of branch / service-specific arms and military equipment.

Although they have been in the armed forces only for a few weeks, the young soldiers show exceptional commitment and high motivation to master all contents from the training curriculum. Many of them have already expressed their willingness to become professional soldiers of the Serbian Armed Forces, for which they can apply while still performing their military service.

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