Joint Drills of Training Command Units

Tuesday, 8.11.2022 | Training
Some units of the SAF Training Command are currently executing joint drills in the field conditions.

For training purposes, a temporary unit has been established to carry out tactical and fire missions while on the move and across training grounds out of the primary locations, following the given scenarios.

The aim is to improve the Training Command service personnel’s combat skills needed for SAF defensive and offensive operations. These field activities which last for several days involve tactical drills and live-fire exercises whose results so far show that soldiers and officers are perfectly trained and highly motivated to perform the assigned tasks and missions.

Joint drills represent an important segment of training in the Serbian Armed Forces having in mind that they increase staff officers’ and NCOs’ proficiency in planning operations and commanding the forces, as well as units’ combat skills needed for their independent actions and actions undertaken in interoperability with other components.

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