Soldiers Undergo Specialized Skills Assessment

Monday, 27.2.2023 | Training
Soldiers performing military service since December 2022 have undergone their individual specialized skills assessment at SAF Training Centres.

To round off their six-week specialized training, the soldiers went through the two-day skills evaluation during which they carried out tactical missions demonstrating through practical actions and procedures their skills and knowledge about the use of weapons and materiel.

The results show that the soldiers have successfully mastered all training contents and are competent to take tactical combat actions on the battlefield, handle different weapons and perform their branch/service-specific tasks.

After passing successfully the test of their competence, soldiers are eligible to begin their collective training in SAF units, spending there the last three months of their service.

Upon concluding their military service, soldiers are able to join the ranks of SAF professional members, in which the majority of this class have already shown interest.

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