Tactical Drills of 72nd Special Operations Brigade Units

Wednesday, 26.10.2022 | Training
The 72nd Special Operations Brigade units which have moved to an active phase of Joint Exercise "Maneuvers 2022" are conducting tactical drills and live firing at several locations outside their peacetime dispositions.

With the support of AF and AD helicopter units, the Brigade’s combat teams are performing their tasks on the move, practicing how to undertake special actions on a counter-terrorist operation. 

In line with the assigned mission, the tactics, techniques and procedures are being refined while performing day and night helicopter landing, searching the terrain and destroying terrorist groups in fortified facilities, adding to the unit’s overall capability for taking special actions on its own and in interoperability with other SAF forces.

The complex exercise activities of the 72nd Special Operations Brigade combat teams are part of Joint Exercise "Maneuvers 2022" which is being conducted by some SAF units in interoperability for the purpose of increasing further their combat readiness in response to challenges, risks and threats to the security of the Republic of Serbia.

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