Regular Training of Members of 63rd Parachute Brigade

Wednesday, 22.11.2023 | Stories from Units
Members of the 63rd Parachute Brigade of the Serbian Armed Forces carry out a wide range of training activities continuously, both in the area they are based and outside their peacetime location, with the aim of maintaining a high level of combat readiness of the unit needed to undertake special combat activities and operations of special importance.

Deputy Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff Lieutenant General Želimir Glišović attended one of the training segments at the “Sergeant Pilot Mihajlo Petrović” Military Airfield in Niš.

On that occasion, he had direct insight into the implementation of preparations for performing parachute jumps and combat training, and was convinced of excellent competence of professional staff in performing medical evacuation of the injured and combat evacuation of parachute teams by air.

The professional soldiers admitted to the unit in early August under Project 5000 also actively participate in training, and the achieved level of their professional-specialist skills confirms that it has been well prepared and organized so that they can achieve in real time high standards set before this elite SAF unit.

Complex combat training in the 63rd Parachute Brigade is carried out in all weather and terrain throughout the year, which ensures outstanding skills and psychophysical fitness of members of the Brigade and improves further the unit’s overall combat readiness.

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