Off-Road Driver Training for Peacekeeping Operations

Wednesday, 24.1.2024 | Training
At the training grounds of the Transport Service Training Battalion in Kraljevo and surrounding areas, members of the Serbian Armed Forces are undergoing additional training for driving off-road motor vehicles in peacekeeping operations.

Participants in the training activity are officers, NCOs and civilians to be engaged in the missions as drivers, staff officers and military observers.

In the first training segment, they attended theoretical training and driving on public roads; now they are undergoing the most demanding training part - driving a vehicle in field conditions at the Specialized Training Ground “Beranovac”, which was created to meet UN standards, drawing also on the SAF members’ experience from peacekeeping operations.

The aim is to build additional knowledge of and skills in safe and secure driving of all-terrain vehicles in rough terrain, and train to maintain them and eliminate possible breakdowns, which will play a significant part while fulfilling tasks in the AOO.

Additional off-road driver training is an obligatory part of thorough preparations made by staff officers, military observers and military drivers having in mind the nature of the tasks awaiting them in the missions, that is, the fact that they will often be in a position to drive motor vehicles outside regulated road communications.

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