Infantry Soldiers Receive Training during Military Service

Monday, 26.2.2024 | Training
The final phase training is ongoing in the Army brigades’ infantry battalions for infantry soldiers who started voluntary military service last September.

During this training period, the soldiers are being trained to perform collective tasks in infantry units, having completed successfully individual three-month training at the Command Training Centers.

In accordance with the training program, at the training grounds, defensive and offensive tactical actions and procedures are being put into practice, using the “Lazar 3” armored fighting vehicles and executing firing from infantry weapons. In addition to tactical and firearms training, soldiers also have physical fitness training on a daily basis and participate actively in the implementation of regular unit activities.

The goal is to have self-confident and disciplined soldiers who meet the required standards of competence and psychophysical abilities and possess the qualities to survive on the battlefield and perform military tasks as part of a squad, crew or team.

This generation of soldiers, too, exhibits tremendous commitment and high motivation while training and executing all other tasks; some of them will join the ranks of professional members of the Serbian Armed Forces immediately after completing military service, since they have already expressed their desire to do so and passed the selection process.

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