Gun Salute and Promenade Parade on the occasion of Statehood Day

Friday, 14.2.2020 | Culture and traditions
On the occasion of the celebration of 15 February, the Statehood Day of the Republic of Serbia, and on the orders of the President of the Republic and the Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces, Aleksandar Vučić, ceremonial gun salute was performed by the members of the Guards Battalion today from the Sava Plateau at Kalemegdan, including 10 platoons from six artillery weapons.

The ceremonial gun salute was preceded by the promenade defile of the Representative Orchestra of the Guards at Knez Mihailova Street in Belgrade, from the Republic Square to Kalemegdan, which began with the sounds of “Marš na Drinu” (“March to the Drina”) and then continued with the Serbian marches “Kraljeva garda” (“The King’s Guards”), “Miloš Veliki” (“Miloš the Great”) and “Aleksandar Prvi”(“Alexander the First”)as well as other the famous marches, under the conductor baton of Major Nebojša Stoiljković.

The Niš Military Orchestra performed a promenade in Niš, from King Milan’s Square, Obrenovićs’ Street to King Alexander Square, under the conductor baton of Major Dejan Đorđević.

Serbia commemorates Candlemass–the Statehood Day, in memory of 15 February 1804, when the Serbian insurgents gathered in Orašac and led by Đorđe Petrović–Karađorđe launched the First Serbian Uprising, thus initiating the restoration of Serbian statehood after centuries of Ottoman rule. Also, on the same date in 1835, the Candlemass Constitution, the first modern Constitution of Serbia, was adopted.

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