Joint Training of Training Command Units

Thursday, 28.3.2024 | Stories from Units
The Training Command combat groups are currently undergoing training at several training grounds and exercise areas of the Serbian Armed Forces in preparation for participation in the upcoming joint live-fire tactical exercise.

Soldiers and officers are undergoing firearms and tactical training in field conditions and are practicing the execution of defensive and offensive combat operations, while staff officers and NCOs at brigades’ HQs are improving further their abilities to plan operations and command the forces.

Today, Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff General Milan Mojsilović has visited part of the units conducting training at the “Pasuljanske Livade” Training Ground.

During the tour, he attended the execution of scheduled firing using automatic grenade launchers and mortars, and, on that occasion, he witnessed high proficiency of the crews in accomplishing fire missions.

In a conversation with commanders of the engaged formations, General Mojsilović gave directions for further work and improvement of combat readiness, while praising the organization of life and work in field conditions and professional engagement of soldiers and officers during the training activity.

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