Saint Sava Fighting Tournament

Thursday, 25.1.2024 | Stories from Units
The 72nd Special Operations Brigade has organized the Saint Sava Tournament in Martial Arts at the “Rastko Nemanjić” Barracks in Pančevo, this week.

The tournament, which has been held since 2019, was attended by members of the Special Operations Units of the Serbian Armed Forces and Ministry of Internal Affairs, Military Academy cadets and students of the Military Grammar School and Secondary Vocational Military School “1300 Corporals”.

The competitors showed their strength and skills in judo, boxing and kickboxing, and members the Special Operations Battalion “Falcons” ended up as the most successful ones.

Athletes from the martial arts’ associations and federations of Serbia participated in the ceremonial part of the tournament.

Fostering martial arts and training in applied combat is considered especially important in the Serbian Armed Forces. Implementation of such training on a daily basis, primarily in Special Operations, MP and reconnaissance units, is a way to raise the psychophysical readiness and ability of members of these units to react in potential close conflicts on the ground during intended tasks.

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