Meeting of Chiefs of Defence of Serbia and Hungary

Thursday, 16.8.2018 | International Co-operation

Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, General Ljubiša Diković, has met with the Chief of Defence Staff of the Hungarian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Ferenc Korom in Hajdukovo, today.

Generals Diković and Korom discussed the current political and security situation in the region, as well as the possibilities for enhancing the cooperation between the two armies, especially reflecting on the previous joint participation in the multinational United Nations operation in Cyprus.
The two generals agreed that the military-to-military cooperation between the two armies is intense and meaningful, especially in the field of joint engagement in multinational operations, joint trainings and exercises, and in the last two years, in the field of CBRN defence. At the meeting, it was emphasized that joint exercises “Neighbours” and “Iron Cat”, which have been traditionally conducted since 2011, alternately in Serbia and Hungary, add special quality to cooperation between the two armies and contribute to raising the level of operational capabilities and interoperability.

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