Training on M-80A Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Tuesday, 26.4.2022 | Training
Members of the 4th Army Brigade are being trained across their peacetime locations to perform their tasks on combat operations using the M-80A Infantry Fighting Vehicle. 

This is a routine training that mechanized battalions professional members receive in cycles throughout the year for the purpose of maintaining and building upon their high-level abilities needed for completing their assignments.

The training program stipulates that the crews should go through practical contents, ranging from making preparations for executing the missions, camouflage, battlefield tactical actions while launching defensive and offensive operations, down to engagement of ground and air targets and maintenance of all sub-systems of combat vehicles.

Such training aims to increase the combat readiness of recently admitted soldiers and young officers, keeping the unit highly skilled in executing the intended tasks.

The IFV M-80A is meant for mechanized units to carry out combat missions in all-weather and ground conditions, proving its reliability and efficiency in SAF units and on numerous tactical exercises.

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