Taking the Мilitary Оath

Friday, 17.9.2021 | Stories from Units
In the barracks of the Serbian Armed Forces in Sombor, Valjevo and Leskovac, ceremonies were held today at which soldiers on voluntary military service of the "September 2021" generation, cadets of the Military Academy and the Medical Faculty of the MMA, students of the Course for Reserve Officers, students of the Secondary Military Vocational School and persons from the reserve who did not serve their military service with weapons took the military oath.

Pronouncing the text of the oath before the flag of the Republic of Serbia, 737 young men and women undertook to preserve and defend the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia.

The ceremony in Valjevo was attended by the Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Army, General Milan Mojsilovic, who congratulated the sworn oath and expressed satisfaction that the defense system is richer for more than 700 young people ready to defend their homeland, fellow citizens and the highest values of our society.

Addressing the young men and women who took the oath today, Chief of the General Staff emphasized that great efforts were being made to further improve the status and standards of all members of the Serbian Armed Forces.

Speaking about the importance of a strong military for stability in the country and the progress of the entire society, General Mojsilovic said that the Serbian Armed Forces were strengthening its capabilities every day in order to remain a force and a factor that must be counted on.

— Today, the Republic of Serbia is facing complex relations in the field of national, regional and global security, which require a high level of defense system capabilities and security forces to respond to all challenges, risks and threats to national security. In light of these challenges, we, members of the Serbian Armed Forces, are equipping ourselves, training and constantly improving our skills in order to deter potential aggressors and enable the citizens of the Republic of Serbia to build their future safely and in peace. For that, we have the clear and undivided support of the Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces and President of the Republic, Aleksandar Vučić, as well as the Government of the Republic of Serbia, thanks to which the Serbian Armed Forces have been rapidly equipping and strengthening its capabilities to carry out assigned missions and tasks, said General Mojsilović.

— We are following the path traced by our glorious ancestors and predecessors, determined and unwavering to strengthen the capabilities of the Serbian Armed Forces and carry out every task set before us by our homeland, our Serbia, concluded General Mojsilović.

Taking the oath ceremony in Leskovac was attended by the Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Petar Cvetkovic, and in Sombor, the Commander of the Training Command, Brigadier General Zeljko Petrovic.

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