Evaluation of Individual Soldier Skills

Wednesday, 28.2.2024 | Training
Soldiers performing military service since December 2023 have gone through their individual skills assessment at the SAF specialist training centers today. 

The assessment took place after the second phase of the first training period involving soldiers of the infantry, artillery, engineering and AD artillery-missile units, as well as those belonging to the CBRN, logistics, telecommunications and ASEW services.

For the last month and a half, at the Training Command centers, they have been practicing undertaking tactical combat actions on the battlefield and handling weapons, assets and military equipment in accordance with the specialties for which they were recruited; during the two-day check they carried out tactical training tasks demonstrating the acquired knowledge and skills through practical actions and procedures.

The results show that the soldiers have mastered successfully all training contents and are ready for collective training that awaits them in the SAF units during the final three months of their military service.

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