Greetings By SAF Supreme Commander And President Of The Republic On The Occasion Of Serbian Armed Forces Day

Thursday, 21.4.2022 | Culture and traditions


On the occasion of 23 April – Serbian Armed Forces Day

I wish to congratulate all members of the Serbian Armed Forces on 23 April - Serbian Armed Forces Day.

You perform your regular every-day duties with professionalism, determination and commitment.

The best examples of your high readiness and competence to provide instantaneous response to challenges, risks and threats to the security of our country and its citizens were joint tactical exercises delivered over the last year, one of them being Exercise “Fire Shield 2022” presenting outstanding fire capabilities of our units.

Whatever the circumstances, relying upon available resources, our armed forces have always been a solid pillar of our state deriving strength from the commitment, honor and high morale of service personnel. These have always been our most powerful tools in the most difficult circumstances, more powerful than any weapon.

Still, I am profoundly satisfied that the Serbian Armed forces are today far stronger and could showcase much better equipment. Whilst you should take big steps forward and advance further, the state is there to make every effort for us to succeed in our most important mission – preserving sovereignty, stability and peace for our country and all of its citizens.

I would like to congratulate you on your holiday, hoping that you will be stronger and better and make every progress in the upcoming years. 

Long Live Serbian Armed Forces!

Long Live Serbia!

Aleksandar Vučić

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