Intense Training in 250th AD Missile Brigade

Friday, 20.1.2023 | Training
In the 250th AD Missile Brigade, combat components are currently being subjected to intense training in offering an efficient, complex and reliable defence of the country from reconnaissance and aerial attacks.

Training involves all the Brigade's units, so as to achieve full integration of all combat assets into a unified system and upgrade skills in preparation for and launching a defensive Counter-Air Operation.

The weapons belonging to the unit, which is the cornerstone of AD firepower, include a wide variety of AD systems, from modern “FK-3” and “Pantsirs”, to “Nevas” and “Kubs” which underwent modernization to some extent so that their integration and concerted action could play a critical part in defending successfully important economic and industrial facilities and regions, administrative and political centres and SAF forces from aerial attacks.

Actively involved in the training process are also soldiers of the AD artillery-missile branch performing their military service, assigned to the unit after coming through individual soldier training with flying colors at the Training Command Centres.

Conduct of such training, coupled with continued advancement in the 250th AD Missile Brigade, results in a high level of skills for protecting the airspace, whereas excellent exercise and firing results best show the competence of the Brigade's serving members as well as the unit’s high combat-readiness.

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