Basic Training of Soldiers on Military Service

Tuesday, 3.10.2023 | Training
Basic training of soldiers who started their military service at the beginning of September is underway in the Serbian Armed Forces training centers in Sombor, Valjevo and Leskovac.

This training stage lasts a month and a half and is identical for soldiers of all specialties. During this time, soldiers are trained in the use of personal weapons and military equipment, the correct execution of basic tactical actions in attack and defense, and the duties of internal service bodies.

Special attention is paid to the practical training of close drill and individual tactical actions and procedures on the battlefield and the program shooting, so that young soldiers acquire basic military knowledge and skills and adequately prepare for training in the use of combat equipment and military equipment of their branch, i.e. service.

At the end of this training stage, soldiers are expected to be tested for basic individual tasks, followed by transfer to specialized training centers.

Although they have only been in the military for a few weeks, the soldiers show high motivation and dedication in training and in all other tasks. Many of them have already expressed their desire to become professional soldiers of the Serbian Armed Forces, for which they can apply while on their military service. 

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