Exercise Activities by 4th Army Brigade Units

Wednesday, 6.9.2023 | Training
This week, at the Training Ground “Pasuljanske Livade” the 4th Army Brigade units have been executing training activities with the support of the Air Force and Air Defense and Ministry of the Interior.

These planned activities are implemented in order to improve the ability of the 4th Brigade’s HQ and units to carry out tactical and fire missions during preparation and execution of operations and to organize interoperability and cooperation.

At this phase, in accordance with assigned missions and tasks, the units involved in the exercise carry out tactical drills and live firing. They operate from tanks, armored vehicles, infantry fighting vehicles, self-propelled howitzers, anti-tank launchers, mortars, grenade launchers and various personal weapons.

In the next stage of the exercise, the engaged forces will carry out joint tactical drills and preparatory, school and live firing in night conditions, and the intensive activities at the training ground will end with a live-fire tactical exercise by a reinforced tactical group conducting combat operations.

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