Specialist Training of Soldiers in Field Conditions

Wednesday, 23.11.2022 | Training
The soldiers of the September 2022 intake who are receiving branch-specific artillery training at the Army Training Centre have completed their stationary camping at Military Complex "Pasuljanske Livade". 

This form of practical training in the field conditions aims to train soldiers for using the weapons of artillery units in combat and provide them with knowledge and skills needed to respond properly and swiftly when undertaking tactical actions and carrying out defensive and offensive fire missions.

The focus was kept on executing firing practices, tests and live-fire demonstration with the use of the self-propelled howitzer 2S1 "Gvozdika" 122mm, which examine practically if the training was conducted successfully and allow for soldiers to see themselves the combat and fire capabilities of this artillery asset. The excellent and very good results indicate that the soldiers have previously mastered all training contents stipulated in the curriculum and started the firing with motivation and readiness. 

As they return from the field, they are expected to undergo the final part of their individual specialist training and take an exam which will show how competent they are to perform the duties as crews of artillery systems; subsequently, they will be transferred to the Army’s artillery units for collective training.

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