Day of Telecommunications Service and Signal Brigade

Wednesday, 20.9.2023 | Culture and traditions
Day of the Telecommunications Service and Day of the Signal Brigade were marked in SAF commands and units in memory of 20 September, 1916, when the Decree on Military Telegraph was passed, laying the foundations for the organization of signals in the Serbian army.

On the occasion of the holiday, results achieved in the recent period were summarized, congratulations were read, and awards and commendations presented to the most successful individuals, and wreaths were laid at the memorials to the fallen members of the units.

The central ceremony was held at the “Banjica” Barracks in Belgrade, featuring a parade of the Signal Brigade’s units and a display of modern telecommunications devices and systems this SAF unit had been equipped with recently.

Looking back on the year behind us, the results in the modernization and further strengthening of the telecommunications service were highlighted, as well as the high expertise and commitment of the staff of this service in the implementation of tasks to ensure the continuity of the functioning of the telecommunications and IT system of the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Armed Forces.

The ceremony at the “Banjica” Barracks was attended by Head of the Telecommunications and Information Technology Directorate (J-6) of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff Brigadier General Mile Vitezović, former heads of this directorate and commanders of the Signal Brigade, representatives of units of the Serbian Armed Forces and numerous guests.

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