Combined Training of Infantry and Armoured Units

Monday, 9.1.2023 | Training
The infantry and armoured units, 1st Army Brigade, conducted combined collective training for undertaking combat actions during offensive and defensive operations.

This was a special training segment during which infantry and armour personnel learned how to perform the assigned tasks in interoperability, so as to ensure the efficient use of force on operations and improve the Brigade’s overall combat readiness.

The focus was kept on joint drills of tactical actions and procedures on the battlefield, with the use of tanks, so that soldiers and officers could meet the collective training standards and prepare for joint tactical exercises and live firing awaiting them in the forthcoming period.

Combined training and joint drills represent an important training segment in the Serbian Armed Forces having in mind that they improve not only the commands’ competences for operations planning and commanding the forces, but also the units’ abilities to undertake combat actions, independently or in interoperability with other components.

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