Army Signal Battalion on Tactical Exercise

Friday, 31.3.2023 | Training
This week, members of the Army Signal Battalion have conducted a tactical exercise at multiple locations outside the unit’s peacetime dispositions.

The exercise has been conducted according to real tactical scenarios, aiming to evaluate the battalion’s skills in preparing and providing telecommunication and IT support as well as protection of communications and information transfer on Army operations. 

In field conditions, the unit members practiced a series of tactical actions and procedures focusing on setting up and relocating IT and telecommunication centres. Sounding the alarm signal, marching, selecting and arranging the position, camouflage, establishing the elements of the centre and IT and communication services – were all part of it.

The very good and excellent results indicate that soldiers and officers of this battalion have approached the exercise activities professionally and mastered completely all training contents related to the most demanding tasks of the assigned mission.

Planning, organizing and executing such exercises improve the unit’s ability for a quality information transfer, in a timely manner, in support of the Army Command, with the appropriate information protection level and minimum risk of enemy action.

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