Basic Training of Soldiers on Military Service

Wednesday, 4.1.2023 | Training
The soldiers who undertook their military service at the beginning of past December currently receiving basic training at the SAF Training Centres in Sombor, Valjevo and Leskovac.

This initial training stage is a month and a half long and is of the same duration for all soldiers regardless of their specialties. Whilst at this stage, soldiers train to use their personal weapons and to undertake properly offensive and defensive tactical actions, as well as to perform their military duties.

At this phase, young soldiers go through tactical and close-order drills, including the weapons and shooting lessons, SAF Service Regulations and Physical Training. The focus is kept on practical drills of individual tactical actions and procedures on the battlefield and execution of scheduled firing using infantry weapons.

As their military service continues, soldiers will have an individual skills assessment, and will then be transferred to specialized training centres to train for their military occupational specialty codes.

Soldiers of the December 2022 intake are outstandingly motivated to master fully the training contents, as confirmed by the results they have achieved so far while performing all their tasks. Many of them will join the Serbian Armed Forces as professional soldiers, for which they could apply while still doing their military service.

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