Visit to Mrče Base in Ground Safety Zone

Saturday, 6.8.2022 | Stories from Units
Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff General Milan Mojsilović has visited today SAF members performing their tasks along the administrative line with Kosovo and Metohija in the Area of Responsibility of Mrče Base.

On his visit, General Mojsilović inspected the organization of life and work in the Base, challenges faced by members of the security forces of the Republic of Serbia in this part of the country and capabilities reached by this unit. On this occasion, he personally saw that the soldiers and officers of the 2nd Army Brigade, responsible for Mrče Base, were perfectly skilled in performing the missions of controlling the Ground Safety Zone and securing the administrative line with Kosovo and Metohija.

At the end of his visit, Chief of the General Staff praised the unit’s members who had been completing professionally all their assignments in the complex conditions of the Ground Safety Zone, giving full contribution to the strengthening of SAF combat readiness and state of security in this part of the Republic of Serbia.

While visiting the bases in the Ground Safety Zone, Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff was accompanied by Deputy Army Commander, Major General Slađan Stamenković and Head of the Logistics Directorate (J-4), Major General Srđan Petković.

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