Competition of Military Police Units

Monday, 11.9.2023 | Stories from Units
The annual competition of Military Police units of the Serbian Armed Forces was officially opened at the “Ribnica” Barracks in Kraljevo yesterday.

The participants are members of the Serbian Armed Forces, divided into six teams, and three teams from the Ministry of the Interior. For four days of the competition, they will be carrying out tactical and fire missions that require developed skills and teamwork, high firearms ability, mental stability, and physical endurance.

In the first two phases, at the “Žiča” Firing Range, teams will compete in firing at different targets in a simulated urban combat environment, while the final two phases will be held at the “Beranovac” Training Ground, where the participants will have a patrol track and a team race with natural and artificial obstacles.

The MP tournament ends on Thursday with an award ceremony for both individual and team competitors.

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