Serbian Armed Forces Installed Temporary Bridge near Novi Pazar

Sunday, 18.6.2023 | CIMIC
Yesterday, members of the 2nd Army Brigade installed a heavy mechanized bridge over the Trnavica River in the village of Trnava near Novi Pazar, at the place where the swollen river damaged the existing concrete bridge.

The installation of the bridge created conditions for the normalization of life in the surrounding settlements, which had been cut off from Novi Pazar since Wednesday due to damage to the road.

The bridge is 10 meters long and 3.80 meters wide, suitable for pedestrians and vehicles with a total weight of up to 10 tons.

In other parts of the country as well, at the request of local government bodies, units of the Serbian Armed Forces were among the first ones to come to the aid of the population threatened by floods and torrents; they are in contact with competent services and remain ready to engage in eliminating the consequences of this natural disaster.

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