Infantry Personnel Training

Wednesday, 21.12.2022 | Training
The 4th Army Brigade infantry battalion armed with Armoured Fighting Vehicles "Lazar 3" is undergoing intense training for undertaking combat actions on defensive and offensive operations.

The training activity takes place at the exercise area and across the unit’s peacetime disposition, aiming to maintain and improve the service personnel’s ability to use key weapons, that is, to increase the overall combat readiness to accomplish the assigned missions and tasks. 

At the training ground, soldiers and officers refine the tactics and procedures on the battlefield with the use of armoured fighting vehicles whose introduction into service was instrumental in improving mobility, firepower and protection of infantry units on operations. Training is also an opportunity to build on their existing knowledge of the vehicle (sub) systems, its weapons and maintenance.

In the forthcoming period, members of the infantry battalion are to be involved in tactical exercises and live firing so that the outcomes of this training cycle could be tested practically.

The purpose of such training is for infantry battalions to meet the operational capability requirements needed for all-weather and all-terrain actions. It also instills confidence about the reliability and efficiency of modern combat assets used in these units.

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