River Flotilla Conducts Live-Fire Exercise "Tisa 2022"

Friday, 3.6.2022 | Training
Over the past two weeks, the River Flotilla has conducted Live-Fire Exercise "Tisa 2022" on a SAF temporary training ground near Titel. 

The aim of the exercise was to maintain and improve the professional members’ abilities to launch defensive inland-waterways combat operations. 

On the Tisa, the River Flotilla units practiced combat and tactical actions while performing reconnaissance, anti-ship and mine actions, counter-insurgency and CASEVAC. The exercise activities concluded with groups of ships executing live-firing against ground and water targets.

The results of the firing and solving tactical problems are confirmation of high-level abilities of the River Flotilla members to provide support to Army units on inland waterways operations, using efficiently the vessels which are part of the unit’s armament.

Yesterday, the Live-firing Exercise was attended by the Minister of Defence Nebojša Stefanović, PhD, with associates and the Deputy Commander of the Army, Major General Slađan Stamenković.

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