Selective Training of Candidates for Admission to 63rd Parachute Brigade

Friday, 8.7.2022 | Training
Three-month selective training of candidates for admission to the 63 parachute brigade has started this week at the military airport "Sergeant-Pilot Mihaјlo Petrović" in Niš. 

Candidates are professional officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the Serbian Armed Forces and citizens who applied for admission to this unit.

The general goal of selective training is the selection of highly motivated and psychophysically capable candidates for admission to the unit and inclusion in the further training process, and a special one — evaluation and getting to a higher level of military expertise training, physical ability, sense of leadership, as well as development of team spirit and the ability to perform tasks in conditions of increased  psychophysical stress.

During this demanding training, there will be constant observation and testing of candidates in order to determine training, psychophysical endurance, ability to fulfill tasks individually and as part of a team, and creating a psychological profile, so that only the best would be selected for work in this brigade. 

At the end of the selective training, candidates are expected to have an exam week, when they will be ranked according to the achieved results, and the most successful will be able to join the elite unit of the 63rd parachute brigade.

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