Congratulatory Message of President of Serbia and Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces on the Occasion of the Military Veterans Day

Friday, 3.12.2021 | Culture and traditions


on the occasion of December 4 the Day of Military Veterans

"I congratulate all military veterans on December 4 — Military Veterans Day.
In memory of 1912 and the signing of the armistice in the First Balkan War, which is an important historical event in the liberation and defense wars of Serbia, today we traditionally celebrate one of the greatest military holidays.
Victory for life, freedom, the right to vote and the homeland, our ancestors, but also you, have won countless times. The names of great Serbian warriors and heroes who fought to preserve the national identity and continuity of the statehood of the Serbian people and the Military led by faith in the liberation of Serbia, were written during the First World War, the Second World War and these last, no less difficult and painful battles for us.
By celebrating today's holiday, we show that we do not let you be forgotten, but respect you as people, valuing every individual who makes one country strong, as well as the military - one of the basic foundations of the stability of a successful country.
Distinguished veterans,
With the promise that the country will continue making efforts to improve the lives of military veterans throughout the Republic of Serbia, I congratulate you on the holiday! "

Aleksandar Vučić

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