Training with Critical Systems in 126th ASEWG Brigade

Thursday, 23.3.2023 | Training
Serving personnel are currently being trained to perform the tasks of surveillance and control of the airspace of the Republic of Serbia in the locations where the 126th ASEWG Brigade units are deployed.

Training is conducted as part of daily activities of the unit in charge of the radar systems, to include training of radar and computer technicians and data display and identification operators.

The aim is for officers working with critical radar assets and systems to sustain the required training level and raise mutual communication and cooperation of ASEWG combat shifts. 

The training process implies going through procedures of gathering, analysis and distribution of data while performing radar observation of the airspace situation and checking the work of technical personnel maintaining the system’s hardware and software. 

The implementation of such training results in all members of the 126th ASEWG Brigade meeting the highest training standards, which is, beside highly functional radar-computer assets, a prerequisite for having an efficient control and protection of the airspace of the Republic of Serbia.

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