Specialized Training of Soldiers of Telecommunications Service

Tuesday, 23.8.2022 | Training
Specialized training of soldiers of telecommunications service performing their military service since June 2022 is underway in the Serbian Armed Forces’ IT and Signals Training Centre, Gornji Milanovac. 

During the six-week training, soldiers posted to this unit train for the duties of teleprinter, radio teleprinter, radio relay and telephone operators.

The training program includes different contents so as to train the soldiers in handling radio-devices used by SAF units, focusing on fast dispatching of encrypted and open texts and practical work as part of the crews of the radio relay system while setting up telecommunication stations.

Once they complete their individual specialized training, which concludes in the IT and Signals Training Centre by the end of this month, soldiers will be referred to SAF units where they will have the opportunity to apply and build upon the acquired knowledge.

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