Serbian Armed Forces’ Contingent Sent to Slovenia

Thursday, 10.8.2023 | International Co-operation
The second part of the Serbian Armed Forces’ Contingent has been sent to the Republic of Slovenia today to take part in a humanitarian operation to prevent, remove, mitigate and repair the consequences of the catastrophic floods that hit that country.

This group comprises 34 members of the Serbian Armed Forces who will be engaged in supplying water and fuel, biological disinfection of facilities and land in threatened areas, as well as performing engineering works to clear communications.

The first part of the Contingent, composed of 22 members of the Serbian Armed Forces and H-145 and Mi-17 helicopters with the equipment for medical evacuation and air transport, arrived in the deployment area yesterday and has started performing tasks in mountainous difficult-to-access terrain in the north of the country this morning.

Deployment of members of the Serbian Armed Forces to Slovenia, who will remain there as long as the situation on the ground dictates, is an indication of the Serbian Armed Forces’ readiness to engage in eliminating the consequences of natural disasters in the country and abroad and determination of the Republic of Serbia to strengthen good neighborly relations and cooperation in the region.

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