“Kub” Missile System Combat Crews’ Training

Monday, 22.8.2022 | Training
The “Kub” missile system combat crews’ routine training is underway at the deployment locations of the 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade self-propelled battalions.

During the training, the unit members practice how to operate the missile-technical assets in combat as well as basic technical maintenance. The aim is to improve the capabilities for the air defence of SAF forces, important facilities and areas from reconnaissance activities and actions from the airspace.

The training curriculum includes all contents related to the tactics of employment and maintenance of the “Kub” missile system. In this period, the focus is on practicing standardized tactical actions while taking up the fire position and shifting a self-propelled missile battery into the state of combat-readiness according to the defined standards, since the speed of reaction plays a critical part in performing efficiently the intended task. Through such practice, units manage to meet the set deadline which is quite demanding and requires supreme individual skills.

The “Kub” missile system is intended for destroying aerial targets flying at low and medium altitudes. It is characterized by high mobility and possibility of centralized command and fire control at battalion level.

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