Conditioning March with Members of MP Detachment “Cobras”

Thursday, 21.3.2024 | Stories from Units
Today, as part of their regular activities, some members of the Special Purpose Military Police Detachment “Cobras” have conducted a 20 km conditioning march in which Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff General Milan Mojsilović took part.

Following a tactical scenario, they were marching through unknown terrain in a wider area surrounding Belgrade in an effort to improve the unit members’ overall physical fitness, i.e. their ability to confront fatigue and work that takes a long time without losing efficiency to accomplish assigned missions and tasks.

While expressing satisfaction with the fact that he spent the early morning doing training activities with members of the “Cobras”, General Mojsilović has pointed out the importance of physical fitness of soldiers for executing efficiently the tasks in peace and war, bearing in mind that fighters who are in better shape deal with strain more easily and are injured less frequently while overcoming different terrain and obstacles.

Conditioning march is carried out regularly in SAF units in all conditions and with maximum use of natural ground areas, and by putting up with fatigue during long-distance marches, they develop not only physical endurance, but also their morale and will.

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