Visit to Multinational Operations Training Centre

Thursday, 24.11.2022 | Stories from Units
Tonight, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Miloš Vučević and Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, General Milan Mojsilović, visited the Multinational Operations Training Centre at the "South" Base near Bujanovac.

Centre Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Dragan Paunović, briefed the Minister of Defence on the organization, tasks and scope of work of the Peacekeeping Operations Centre, Operations Department, Serbian Armed Forces General Staff.

Minister Vučević also visited the participants in the United Nations Staff Officer Course, "UNSOC 2022", which is being held at the South Base and has been certified by the United Nations. In a short address to the participants from eight countries, Minister Vučević wished them a successful training.

He also had the opportunity to see the Centre’s trainers and simulators. Among other things, the VBS-3 virtual battlefield simulator, a medical simulator, the "LASER SHOT" firearms training simulator, and the Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES) simulator were presented to the minister.

Minister Vučević and General Mojsilović then attended a demonstration of capabilities of the Training Command’s Force Protection Platoon at the "Borovac" Training Ground near the "South" Base.
After the demonstration, the minister expressed hope that the future peacekeepers would represent themselves, their families, the Serbian Armed Forces and our homeland in the best possible way.

— Protect the peace and the citizens wherever you are deployed, but also take care of yourselves, so that you can safely return to your homeland, to Serbia. I am proud to see that the Serbian Armed Forces have been striving to improve training, to make it possible for our service members and members of other armed forces to receive their training here. I wish you good health, the best of luck and may you have heroic hearts — said Minister Vučević to the members of the Force Protection Platoon who will be deployed to UNIFIL in the spring.

After dining together, the Minister of Defence and the Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff will watch the football match between Serbia and Brazil at the World Cup Qatar 2022, together with the officers, NCOs and soldiers stationed at the "South" Base.

Tonight, the Minister of Defence and the Chief of the General Staff were accompanied on their visit by Army Commander, Lieutenant General Milosav Simović, and Chief of the Operations Department, General Staff, Lieutenant General Želimir Glišović.

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