Training of Soldiers of Telecommunication Service in Signal Brigade

Tuesday, 10.1.2023 | Training
Soldiers who have been performing voluntary military service since September 2022 are currently attending a collective telecommunications training course in the Signal Brigade units.

The soldiers have previously completed basic and individual specialist training and are now being trained as operators of radio-teleprinters, telephone lines and radio-relay links, and for executing collective tasks in SAF signal units.

Training is delivered not only in specially equipped study rooms which provide conditions for practical work on telecommunication devices and systems, but also in field conditions with the focus on refining actions and procedures in establishing telecommunication stations and checking the quality of signals in the planned radio networks. In addition to specialist training, soldiers also cover tactical, firearms, engineer and medical training contents in the Signal Brigade.

Soldiers of the telecommunication service are provided with an opportunity to embark on a professional military career upon completion of military service where they will perform responsible roles, providing unhampered operation of the telecommunication and information system in the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces.

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