Meeting with NDC Commandant

Wednesday, 13.12.2023 | International Co-operation
The Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, General Milan Mojsilović, received the NATO Defense College Commandant from Rome, Lieutenant General Max A.L.T. Nielsen, who is leading the members of the Senior Course in this educational institution on a visit to our country.

At the meeting, there were discussions on the opportunities that the Defense College provides for the professional development and the results of the cooperation so far, and views were also exchanged about the current security situation in the region and the world and changes in the physiognomy of modern armed conflicts.

General Mojsilović evaluated this cooperation as mutually beneficial, both for the acquisition of new knowledge and the exchange of experiences among members of the Armed Forces, as well as for the overall relations and mutual understanding.

As a part of his three-day visit to our country, General Nielsen attended panel discussions organized by the University of Defence with the members of the Senior Course of the NATO Defense College on the participation of the Republic of Serbia in the Partnership for Peace and the Common Security and Defence Policy of the European Union, the relationship between Serbia and NATO, the development of the capabilities of the Serbian Armed Forces and engagement out of the borders of the Republic of Serbia, and security issues in the world with implications for our region.

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