Visit by Chief of Italian Army General Staff

Tuesday, 12.4.2022 | International Co-operation
Chief of the Army General Staff of the Italian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Pietro Serino, has paid a two-day visit to the Republic of Serbia in order to exchange experience and examine the possibilities of promoting cooperation between the two countries' respective Armies. 

As part of his visit to SAF units, General Serino has visited the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff today to conduct the talks with the Chief of General Staff, General Milan Mojsilović.

The discussion at the talks covered the cooperation between the Serbian and Italian respective armed forces, focusing on joint participation in the UN peacekeeping operation in Lebanon and training and exercise activities, as well as current regional security situation, with the highlight on the influence of international forces in Kosovo and Metohija on the security of the Western Balkans and importance of the Italian contingent within KFOR for the protection of Serbian national, cultural, historical and religious heritage in our southern province.

During the talks, our bilateral military cooperation has been referred to as intense and comprehensive, characterized by continuous enhancement in terms of quantity and quality. It has been pointed out that joint activities give our cooperation special quality, promoting development of confidence and improvement of the overall relations. They also affect the increase in the level of interoperability and operational capabilities of both parties.

Lieutenant General Pietro Serino has visited the Republic of Serbia at the invitation of the Army Commander, Lieutenant General Milosav Simović. He visited the Army Command in Niš yesterday where he had talks with General Simović. Afterwards, he attended the demonstration of capabilities of some of the units within 3rd Army Brigade and Mixed Artillery Brigade.

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