Marking of Military Holidays

Friday, 6.10.2023 | Culture and traditions
Military ceremonies were held today in the barracks in Kuršumlija and Leskovac on the occasion of marking the Day of the Third Army Brigade and the Day of the Third Training Centre. 

In front of the ceremonial formation of the members of these units, the results of work in the year behind us were summarized and awards and recognitions were presented to the individuals excelling in their work and commitment.

The Day of the Third Army Brigade is celebrated on October 7 in commemoration of the day when, in 1912, the Second Infantry Regiment of the first call of the Moravska Division "Knjaz Mihailo", better known as the "Iron Regiment", began its participation in the First Balkan War.

The Day of the Third Training Centre is commemorated on October 7, 1918, when the Serbian military liberated Leskovac.

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