Visit to Serbian Armed Forces’ Units in Ground Safety Zone

Saturday, 20.8.2022 | Stories from Units
For the purpose of overseeing continuously the activities in the Ground Safety Zone, the most responsible officers of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff and the Army visit regularly SAF units engaged in performing the tasks along the administrative line with Kosovo and Metohija.

SAF members completing their assignments in the Area of Responsibility of “Dobrosin” Base and emplaced facility “Tašlak” near Bujanovac have been visited by Assistant Army Commander for Operations Colonel Dejan Petković.

During the visit, Colonel Petković has seen that the conditions in these facilities are at the required level and that members of the Army are prepared, motivated and fully trained in preventing illegal crossings of the administrative line and controlling the Ground Safety Zone in order to ensure a peaceful and safe environment for all citizens in this part of the Republic of Serbia.

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