Training for Detecting Mines and Explosive Ordnance

Wednesday, 15.5.2024 | Training
A six-month course for training dog handlers and dogs for detecting mines and explosive ordnance is underway at the Dog Training Centre at the “Knjaz Mihailo” Barracks in Niš.

The training activity in Niš includes professional military personnel from several units of the Serbian Armed Forces who are being trained to handle MWDs for detecting mines and explosive ordnance, while the newly introduced dogs - German and Belgian Shepherds – are undergoing appropriate training. After completing the training process, they will be assigned to the Serbian Armed Forces’ units together with their handlers.

Training of handlers consists of theoretical and practical parts, the focus being on sharpening and directing the inborn qualities of dogs and their best-developed sense – the sense of smell.

The program includes the socialization of dogs and their getting accustomed to different working conditions. That is the reason why the training activity takes place not only at the training grounds of the Dog Training Centre but also outside the barracks, in places with more people, more motor vehicles and other external influences.

This is one of the most complex and demanding forms of training carried out at the Centre; handlers’ and MWDs’ successful training raises the abilities of the Serbian Armed Forces to protect and secure protected persons, as well as facilities and mobile assets possessed by the Serbian Armed Forces.

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