Handlers and MWDs Trained for Guard Service

Monday, 13.3.2023 | Training
Last week, at the Dog Training Centre, "Knjaz Mihailo" Barracks, Niš, the Military Working Dogs (MWDs) and their handlers received their first cycle of training for this year in performing the tasks of protection and securing of SAF facilities and mobile assets.

Training is delivered several times a year so as to train SAF professional members for the positions of dog handlers in the units and provide periodic retraining for the dogs that were trained for the Guard Service.

In line with the training curriculum, at the specialized training ground, handlers and MWDs conducted various exercises so as to build mutual confidence and ensure the handler’s full control and efficient handling of the dog while performing a task. The focus was kept on practical actions related to general training, overcoming obstacles and drills for improving watchfulness and timely dog reactions to different threats.

As the training activities ended, the MWDs and their handlers were assigned to SAF units to be tasked with securing military facilities and property.

Training for the Guard Service is only one of the many forms of training at the Dog Training Centre which deals not only with training, medical care, breeding and reproduction of MWDs, but also with training and advancement of veterinary service personnel.

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