Firing From Infantry Fighting Vehicles

Thursday, 5.3.2020 | Training
Members of the Second Army Brigade of the Army carried out firing from the armament of armored units at the Orešac training ground near Vrsac.

Although weather conditions were far from ideal, soldiers and commanders from the mechanized battalions successfully hit all targets by armament of the BVP (IFV) M-80A infantry fighting vehicles.

Preparatory and school firings were carried out, with very good and excellent marks. It is a training that is implemented to improve the firepower of crews and, at the same time, it is a preparation for combat firing and tactical exercises.

The M-80A infantry fighting vehicle is a combat track vehicle used to destroy enemy ground forces, ground combat assets and airborne targets. The crew consists of a commander, a gunner and a driver, while there can be an additional section consisting of seven infantry troops.

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