Training of River Flotilla Soldiers

Tuesday, 30.11.2021 | Training
On the part of the Danube near Novi Sad, specialist training of soldiers of the "September 2021" generation is underway, who serve their military service in the riverine units of the River Flotilla.

Soldiers boarded on multi-purpose river ships are trained for the duties of ship's artillerymen and signalmen, and the focus in this period is on conducting practical forms of training at the anchorage, so soldiers can be trained to perform tasks at their combat stations, which await them in navigation and during conducting planned firing.  

In accordance with the training program, signalmen are trained to send and receive signals for general ship movements and communication in joint navigation, while artillerymen acquire basic knowledge and skills in handling and maintaining ship 20mm and 30mm anti-aircraft guns.

The contents of training for soldiers-sailors of the river units are used in both training periods, so that three quarters of the military service is served on vessels and assets of river detachments. The complete crew is included in their training, since teamwork and full training of each individual is necessary for the successful conduct of assigned tasks on ships.

Soldiers in training show high motivation and commitment, and after completing their military service, a large number wants to become part of the professional personnel in the Serbian Armed Forces river units.

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