Visit to Defense System’s Operations Center

Monday, 1.1.2024 | Stories from Units
Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff General Milan Mojsilović visited the Defense System’s Operations Center on the first day of 2024, where he made sure that the Serbian Armed Forces were carrying out all intended tasks.

After the meeting with officers in charge of the Operations Center, General Mojsilović received reports via video link from senior national representatives in peacekeeping operations, who reported that the situation was regular, that the personnel were performing all defined tasks in accordance with the assigned mandate, and that all members of the Serbian Armed Forces engaged in the missions were safe.

Reports were also submitted by teams on duty in directly subordinate operational components and units, who reported on the state of affairs and main tasks in their units.

General Mojsilović wished a happy New Year to members of the Serbian Armed Forces, who, even during the holidays, were fulfilling their tasks both in the Republic of Serbia and in peacekeeping operations around the world, and he wished them good health and success to them and their families in the year ahead.

Today’s tour has been attended by Deputy Chief of the General Staff Lieutenant General Želimir Glišović, Head of the Operations Directorate (J-3) of the General Staff Major General Tiosav Janković and Head of the Office of the Chief of the General Staff Colonel Slađan Hristov.

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