Celebration of the Day of Military Geographic Institute

Wednesday, 5.2.2020 | Culture and traditions
Today, the Military Geographic Institute in Belgrade was the venue of official celebration to mark the Day of the Institute and Day of Geodesy Service of the Serbian Armed Forces in memory of the day when in 1876 a decision was made on establishment of the General Staff of the Serbian Army which encompassed a division tasked to conduct survey of Serbia for military requirements.

The celebration was attended by representatives of organisational units of the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces, active and retired members of Geodesy Service and Institute and numerous guests from scientific and educational institutions with which that military establishment cooperates.

Deputy Head of the Military Geographic Institute Lieutenant Colonel Radoje Banković greeted the present and emphasised key results of work of the institution in the previous year, which pave the way for further development of provision of geotopographic material for the requirements of the Serbian Armed Forces and defence system.

At the end of the celebration, recognitions were presented to deserving individuals and scrolls of honour were awarded to establishments and institutions with which the Military Geographic Institute successfully cooperates.

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