Engineering Training and Works on Road Communications

Wednesday, 25.10.2023 | Training
At SAF training grounds in the vicinity of Vranje and the approaching roads, regular training of members of the road specialty engineering battalion from the 4th Army Brigade is underway.

Training implies the execution of works on road communications and the arrangement of covers, shelters and firing ranges in military complexes. The goal is to improve the skills of professional personnel, train additionally professional soldiers who have recently been admitted to the unit, and perform the engineering arrangement of military facilities.

The training program is based on the practical use of engineering machines in real conditions; as part of the planned works, potholes and other road damage are being repaired, slopes removed, drainage channels dug and expanded and critical sections marked.

During training, members of the unit also use the most modern engineering machines available in the Serbian Armed Forces, which, in addition to improved user safety, make possible for a much faster execution of work and more thorough training.

Implementation of such activities improves the unit's ability to undertake engineering and counter-engineering actions on Army operations, making life easier at the same time for local population who has the only connection to the urban environment through the roads SAF are now reconstructing.

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