Training in Mitigating Consequences of Industrial and Chemical Accidents

Friday, 17.12.2021 | Training
This week, the Logistics Training Centre in Niš trained members of the Serbian Armed Forces to provide first aid after industrial and chemical accidents. 

Participants in the training are professional soldiers and civilians serving in the Serbian Armed Forces who do not deal with emergency medical care within their jobs, but perform specific tasks with an increased risk of accidents.  

The focus is on the practical training of techniques and procedures used in providing first aid, from the initial assessment of the vulnerability of the injured, through triage, to the evacuation and treating injuries and burns.  

Upon completion of this training, participants are fully trained for the effective use of unit specific and additional medical assets in the emergency care of the injured in conditions of exposure to high temperatures, toxic fumes and gases, as well as for the application of techniques and procedures used to prevent further deterioration of the health of the injured and sick.

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