Soldiers Receive Specialized Training for AF and AD Duties

Thursday, 4.5.2023 | Training
At the Specialized Training Centre at Military Airfield "Colonel-Pilot Milenko Pavlović" in Batajnica, soldiers performing military service since March 2023 are currently being trained to perform the duties as part of Air Force and Air Defence branches and services.

In this unit, through theoretical lessons and practical work, soldiers train as crews and operators of anti-aircraft guns "Bofors", missile systems "Neva" and "Kub" and ASW centres, as well as aircraft maintenance technicians. 

Training takes place in specially equipped study rooms and on the missile and radar-computer systems and aircraft, providing soldiers with the best conditions for learning the tactics of employment of these combat assets, performing the crews’ duties and basic maintenance.

As they complete specialized training, soldiers will be sent to AF and AD units for further military service, where they will receive collective training and be actively involved in the life and work of the units belonging to this SAF arm.

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